Assistive Technology

Assistive Technology encompasses a broad range of low-tech and high-tech devices that allow people with disabilities to perform functions that might otherwise be too difficult.

We offer a variety of services, including but not limited to:

  • Information and trainings for assistive technology
  • Demonstrations of both low-tech and high-tech devices
  • A loan program for devices and equipment
  • Adaptations for computers and smartphones
  • Workplace accommodations and accessibility
  • Customized technology solutions
  • Referrals¬†
  • Spark Connects-our computer program for people with disabilities and seniors. call 865-219-0130 x228 or email Brian for more information
  • JAWS (Job Access With Speech) screen reader training for people with low or no vision with JAWS certified trainer Nancy Carter. For more information, please call 865-219-0130 x 227 or email
  • Website evaluations with JAWS for accessibility. If you are a website designer or creating your own website, Nancy can help you make sure everyone can find the information they need for your business or place an order!

 Fees may be required for services, please contact us to inquire about your needs.

To schedule an assessment or to find out more about our assistive technology services, call 865-219-0130 x 229 or email


Making Sparks

Despite the broad range of assistive technology that exists, we sometimes face problems that do not yet have a solution. When assistive technology devices are impractical or cost-prohibitive, Making Sparks is how we respond. We work with individuals to modify existing devices or create customized solutions. Through a variety of partnerships with organizations like KnoxMakers, a local community makerspace, we bring innovative ideas to completion in ways that allow clients to play, explore, create, and express themselves.

To find out more information about Making Sparks, please email